ArugamBay, a paradise of soft golden sands and beautiful blue beaches dotted with fishing boats, is a picturesque bay situated in the southeast coast of Sri Lanka, 117km south of Batticaloa. To most people the name ”ArugamBay” is synonymous with surfing, and is the ideal holiday spot for surfing enthusiasts, because here you find a point break known as ”The Point/Main Point” which is said to be the best in the country and one of the reasons why ArugamBay is considered one of the top 10 surfing points anywhere in the world. In June 2004 Arugambay was the hosting city of the Sri Lankan Airlines ‘Champion of Champions’ British Professional Surf Association tour competition, which turned out to be a success exceeding the expectations of most. The beaches at this location will give you the best swimming experiences all year round, with deserted beaches being available any time you walk in and the temperatures of the water being maintained between 24-28 degrees around the year. The Pottuvil lagoon ecotour is an amazing two hour canoe ride which takes you through the mangroves, with the fishermen giving you valuable insight into their ecosystem. The perfect holiday haven of quaint seaside villages and amazing hospitality you can treat your eyes to some amazing sunrises and sunsets in this coastal city. It must also be remembered that ArugamBay is the only road to gain access to the Yala East National park which is known to host a wide range of wildlife including leopards, crocodiles and elephants as well a vast species of birds. The Lahugala-Kitulana National park is a small (15sqft) park found about 16km inland to the village of Pottuvil, and is home to a large number of freely roaming elephants and migratory birds.


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