One of the most scenic regions in Sri Lanka, the coastal city of Bentota acts as the border between the Western and Southern Provinces. Situated 64km away from Colombo, Bentota is the gateway to the 140km stretch of sandy beaches ranging from Beruwala to Tangalle. You will find the drive to this destination a very pleasant one along the coastal roads, or you can always opt for the faster route of travel along the Southern Expressway. On entering the coastal town you will pass the bridge over the Bentota River, which is a bridge across which runs the tracks of the diesel powered trains as well. The landscape of the town is shaded with numerous palm trees, giving you the much needed relief from the heat that you might be faced with on a hot afternoon. You will find the town busy with raucous vendors holding out their fresh catch of crabs, lobsters, prawns as well as a wide variety of fish for you to choose from. The golden tropical beaches of Bentota make it the ideal spot for anybody looking for a beach holiday in the sun and sand. The Beruwala Bay Beach and the Bentota Bay Beach are two of the most famous beaches along the southern coast. The Bentota river or Bentota Ganga as the locals call it runs parallel to the coast with a narrow strip of land sandwiched between the river and the beaches. Lined with pristine palm tress on either side of it, has been rightly given the name of ”Paradise Island” and can be accessed from both the sea and the river. Bentota is famous for its spread of luxurious resort and hotels that is available for the visitors to enjoy. The Bentota National Holiday Resort (BNHR) launched in 1969 and designed by architect Geoffrey Bawa, is a fully fledged infrastructure of over 100 acres compromising an array of facilities, luxury hotels and amenities for the tourists. Calm waters at the Bentota Beach between the months of April and November, make it ideal for water sports such as snorkeling, wind surfing, sailing, diving and deep sea fishing on canoes. Exciting water sports, along with safe swimming conditions as well as accommodation options ranging from five star luxury to midrange properties, Bentota sets up the perfect background for your relaxed holiday in Sri Lanka, especially with family.