Situated 60km south of Colombo, Beruwala is another coastal town along the southern belt that is known to attract the crowds as a result of its sheer beauty and blissful beaches. The name Beruwala is derived from the Sinhala words Ba Ruvala (meaning lower the sail). As tourists head south towards the beach resorts, Beruwala is the first high end beach resort they will come across as they get past Kalutara and Waduwa. The famous fishing village of Aluthgama is found immediately to the south of Beruwala. The population in Beruwala is dominated by Muslims, and is known to have the oldest Moorish settlement recorded in Sri Lanka. A famous site to visit in Beruwala is the Kechimalai mosque which is situated just north of the Hotel colony, and is said to be built on the very spot where the very first Muslim traders from the Middle Eastern nations landed in 1024 AD. This mosque, built on the rocky headland, with its pristine white minarets rising to the skies is one of the most noteworthy landmarks of the town of Beruwala. The Beruwala beach given the name of ‘’Golden Mile’’, will definitely give you holiday goal vibes, with its crystal clear, blue waters and golden beaches. These beaches lined with palm groves to give you the shade you will long for during the day, are one of the main attractions of this town. There are amazing water sport facilities such as wind surfing, water skiing, parasailing and scooter rides, for the enthusiasts out there. For those who love the added mystery of the underwater world, there are Wreck and Coral Reef diving sessions that they can be a part of. The International lighthouse of Beruwala is located in the Barberyn Island surrounded by lush greenery a small distance away from the Beruwala beach. The Beruwala fishing harbor will bring with sites of fishermen unloading their catch for the day during the wee hours of the morning if you happen to walk by. Here you will find seafood ranging from prawns to lobsters to all any type of fish you can name. China fort in Beruwala is the hub for gem trading, with the Muslims dominating the trade since the era when the Berber’s from North Africa settled down in the region.