Dambulla, a large town situated in the Matale district of the Central province, is geographically placed in the center of the island. Historically Dambulla is well known for its agricultural prospects and has always been a popular location for vegetable distribution. According to archeological evidence it has been found that agricultural civilizations had inhabited this region as far back as 2700 years ago. And the tradition continues even today with Dambulla being known as an agricultural district as well as a transportation hub. It’s been known famously for being a place that many seek out for relaxation with its many monasteries and refuges. Being one of the regions that make up the central highlands you will find that the weather conditions are tailor made to spend your time outdoors with the norms of temperature averaging around 28 degrees. The cooling breeze and the dense forest greens surrounding you will definitely be an experience you will remember in times to come. Dambulla is famously known for the sacred cave temple complex known as the Dambulla Cave Temple. Being a pilgrimage site for the last 22 centuries this five cave sanctuary is the largest cave temple complex in the country. The ascent to the cave on the gigantic rock face will take you a good 10 minutes and compromises of about 100 steps cut into 18 terraces. Once at the summit the panoramic view of the surrounding with its dense green forests and rain water reservoirs will take your breath away. These caves are thought to have been inhabited by Buddhist monks as early as the 3rd century BC. And it was in these very caves that King Valagamba sought refuge during his 14 year exile from the Kingdom of Anuradhapura. And once the King returned to his throne in the 1st century BC he had the stunning rock temple built within the caves as a gesture of gratitude to the monks. The sheen of the golden paint on the ceilings and the statues within the cave gave it the name of ‘’Rangiri’’ meaning Golden colored. Today the caves have been restored and numerous additions have been made. Within these caves you will find a collection of 150 statues of the Buddhist order as well as numerous paintings depicting the history of the island. Another major attraction of the town is the Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium, which is famous for the fact that its construction was completed in just a matter of 167 days.