Found on the southern range of the central highlands in Sri Lanka, Ella is a captivating little village of natural beauty. The village, Ella meaning water fall in the Sinhala language, is aptly named because of the numerous waterfalls that make up the backdrop of this little place. Surrounded in all directions by waterfalls of varying size that either crash down in gigantic splashes or trickle down the mountain range, this little village has views that can leave you speechless. Everyone’s favorite hill country village, you will be greeted with the jaw dropping sites of misty hills, lush greenery and vast tea plantations. On a clear night you might be able to catch a glimpse of the glow from the Kirinda lighthouse in the southern coast.
The nine arches bridge which lies between the Ella and Dambodara railway stations, is an amazing construction by the British in 1921 when they were ruling the island. Surrounded on either side by the greenery of the hillsides, the train ride on this bridge will definitely remind you of the Hogwarts express travelling in the country side in the Harry Potter world.
The RawanaElla falls is one of the most famous waterfalls found here. The waterfall plunges down from a height of about 90m, crashing down many rock faces. And if you are the type to try your hand at something adventurous then you can even attempt to climb up these rock faces, which are thought to be quite safe. Taking your swimming gear with you is a must if you are headed towards this, but unfortunately since January 2018 there are Police blocking off the access point to the waterfall. Trekking is one other thing that you can try your hand while in Ella, because it offers you amazing trails surrounded by the beautiful scenery of tea plantations and waterfalls. Even the tallest mountain of the mountain range, Little Adams Peak can also be approached through one of the tea estates.