Located at a point almost equidistant from the major tourist destinations of Anuradhapura, Polannaruwa and Dambulla, the quaint little village of Habarana serves as great spot from which you can begin your tour of the Cultural Triangle in Sri Lanka. If you are in the mind to visit the major cultural sites in Sri Lanka and get an insight into the rich history of this tiny little island known as the ‘’Pearl of the Indian Ocean’’, then Habarana will serve as a great base for you to kick start your journey from. From being able to access the UNESCO World Heritage sites to being able to witness wildlife at its best, Habarana offers you a wide variety of choices on how you want to spend your time.
This little village is located within walking distance to three national parks, the Minneriya National Park, Kaudulla National Park and the Hurulu Eco Park. All which is home to a large number of wildlife, namely herds of elephants and various species of endemic and migratory birds. It is said that some of the Islands best elephant spotting can be done from here, and you might even be able to find tour operators who can offer you an elephant ride as well. The Hurulu Eco Park, spread over vast area the park has been declared as a ‘’Man and the Biosphere Reserve’’ by UNESCO. The Habrana Lake with its encircling footpath is also another site that draws the attention of the tourists who visit.