The Kalpitiya beaches, the Kalpitiya Islands and the Kalpitiya Peninsula is a frequently visited tourist destination in Sri Lanka. Located on the Western coastal belt, it lies 130km North of the Bandaranayake International Airport. The Kalpitiya Islands comprises of 14 distinct islands each with its own name and accumulates about 1673 hectares of land.
The Kalpitiya Peninsula, the more famous tourist destination with its fine sandy beaches that will definitely make you yearn to go on a beach holiday, is 48 km long and approximately 6-8k wide. It is home to numerous marine species because of the availability of diverse habitats such as bar reefs, salt pans, flat coastal plains, salt marches and mangrove swamps, for the marine wildlife on this peninsula. Dolphin watching and Whale watching are two of the main attractions of the Peninsula. With its large array of marine life you will be able to spot huge pods of dolphins very often, with the numbers getting close to hundred on most occasions. You might also be able to spot the whales on a regular basis but if you want to sight the sperm whale, then you will have to take a boat trip off shore from the reef.

For those keen on snorkeling and deep sea diving, Kalpitiya is the ideal location to get going, because of the presence of the 307 sqkm Bar Reef about one hour away by boat, which is the largest coral reef in the country. The Bar Reef which is extremely rich in biodiversity is beautiful in every sense of the word, because of the vast variety of tropical fish that you find in it. And occasionally you might be able to catch a glimpse of the reef sharks, manta rays and sea turtles.