Located 241 km south of Colombo in the Southern province, Hambantota is a coastal town that can be reached via the Galle road (western coastal road) or the Southern Expressway. And since Hambantota is thought to be one of the future metro cities in Sri Lanka, under the guidance of the Greater Hambantota Development Project (GHDP), the second international airport in the country, the Mattala Rajapaksa International airport was built in the town of Mattala, 18km away from Hambantota and was opened in the year 2013. Since then it has made travel to the city of Hambantota all the more convenient and faster.
As a coastal region in Sri Lanka, Hambantota is blessed with the stunning beauty of long strips of golden beaches and crystal clear waters. But Hambantota is better known for its role as a business and investment center, because of its high population value. Despite this facet of Hambantota, you will not be disappointed if you do step in, with the availability of many locations of interest such as the Mirijjawila Botanical gardens, the very first Dry Zone Botanical Garden in Sri Lanka. The main objectives of this garden being the conservation of trees and shrubs of the dry zone, cultivation of medicinal plants as well as promotion of eco-tourism. Carpets of lush green grass, exotic flowers and towering trees will be the welcoming sight you will be faced with on entering this garden.

The two famous Hot Springs in Sri Lanka are located in the eastern province, but Hambantota is home to a lesser well known Hot Spring, the Mahapelessa Hot Springs which is nestled in Ruhuna Rata. Of late this locations is beginning to attract more tourists as result of the recent developments it underwent, with the building of anatoriums, spas and other facilities.